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James & Mary McLane Lightbody

James Lightbody was born in 1790 in County Down, Ireland. We know he listed his residence as Killinchy on the ship passenger manifest for the Magnet but we do not know if he was born there. He was the second child, first son of John Lightbody and Ann Hucking. 

In 1812 he traveled on the ship Magnet from Belfast, Ireland and was heading to New York, USA. He never made it! In July the ship was seized and taken to the Port of Halifax, NS as a prize vessel at the start of the War of 1812-1814. He, his sister Anne and her husband Hugh McCulloch and their four children spent some months in Halifax before James bought land in Parrsborough, Kings County, NS. We are not sure if this is where the family lived.

James would have been 22 years old when he sailed on the Magnet heading to a new life. He would be only 23 when be bought land in NS. Try to imagine what it would have been like to be 22 in 1812 and how very different 22 years old is today. To spend 6 weeks on the open water, have your vessel seized, be taken off that ship while your sister and her children remained with the rest of the crew and female passengers. You are made to work on the other ship and then about a week or so arrive in a place you most likely have never heard of. Almost unfathomable.

What kind of person was he like? While we may never know we can see some of him through the documents we do have. He appears to be a smart business mind, a merchant, and provided for his family comfortably. Based on the amount of money in the land transactions and monies both paid to and paid out in settlements against James, they had to have been in possession of money when they arrived despite the reports of poor Irish immigrants on the Magnet. 

In 1813 James bought a piece of land in Parrsbourogh, Kings County which is now Cumberland county. It was renamed about 1840.

Note Hugh McCulloch's name.... James' brother in law.

In 1816 he sold it to James Ratchford. The following year he married Mary MacLane and less than 2 years later their birth of their first son, John, was born in New York.

SIDE TRIP**** Now Mary McLane comes from another Ulster Scot family that settled the Great Village and Londonderry areas about 1770-1790. The McLane family or McClane/McClean figure prominently in the make up of the Lightbody descendants  Two brothers, Samuel and Anthony left Creene, Latterkenny, Donegal, Ireland and were part of the wave of Scottish who left and lived in Ireland for a generation or so before heading for New Scotland (Nova Scotia).

Samuel had a son Francis who married Mary Forbes and their daughter Mary McLane married James Lightbody. Mary's brother Robert married Ann Little and their daughter Martha McLane married Hugh Lightbody, James and Mary's son. ( 1st cousins which was a common practice).

Any through no coincidence it was Martha McLane's sister Catherine who married Andrew Vance and their son Almon Vance married Flora McLeod, the sister of Martha's son James Robert Lightbody's wife, Isabel. Confused? James Robert Lightbody and Almon Vance were 1st cousins and they married a set of sisters. That is how couples met back then. 

Anthony McLane, Samuel's brother, had a daughter Mary who married Lawrence Peppard. Three of their children married into the Lightbody Family. 

1. Elizabeth Jane Peppard married John McCulloch, the son of Anne Lightbody and Hugh McCulloch; 
2. John Peppard had a son Anthony Matthew Peppard who married Elizabeth Lightbody
3. Mary Peppard married Hugh Lightbody.

What makes it a bit more fun is that John Peppard (2.) his wife Jane Moore had a brother William and his daughter Mary Ann Moore married William Lightbody.

So that is four of the six siblings from Ireland married into the McLane Family in some way. 

Upon returning to Nova Scotia we find in 1821 James bought land at Remsheg Harbour, Nova Scotia (what is known as Wallace, NS) and he most likely bought land in Wentworth where he had five of his children before taking up residence in Wallace, NS for about ten years. By the early 1840's James and his family move back to Wentworth. 

In the early 1830's there was some judgement activity related to property in Wallace, NS where about 600 British Pounds (common currency) was paid out by James and in one case James and a William Angevine his brother in law (James sister Jane married John Angevine who had a brother William). There is no indication as to what the issues were about. However in 1839 there was a Judgement for James where he was awarded 1000 pounds.

In 1843 James sold the land in Wallace to his three older sons, John, Francis and James but in 1849 they gave their father Power of Attorney over the land in Wallace. In the same year these same sons deeded the Westchester land (a few miles from Wentworth) to their uncle William Lightbody. It would seem that the Wentworth/Westchester land was also sold to the sons at some point. 

The purpose of all of this can be found in 1850 census of Bath, Lincoln Co., Maine where James and his family moved to. James and his wife would only live there for just a short time before he moved back to Nova Scotia and settled in Londonderry, NS. 

August 8,1856, James had a Quit Claim deed created by where the land in Londonderry that James had purchased could be passed to his three sons, John, Francis and James. A second Quit Claim was issued including Hugh's name for the same year and location of Londonderry. Just over a year later James would die at the age of 67.

James and Mary's son Hugh moved back to Nova Scotia some time about 1856/1857 with his son James Robert and daughter Alveretta. There is still some confusion regarding the birth location of James Robert and the fact that Hugh shows up in the Bath, Maine 1860 census.  Both Hugh and his mother are listed in Bath, Maine on June 6, 1860 but there are no signs of his wife or children. They were staying with Hugh's sister Margaret and her husband Charles Harrington.

One logical explanation could be that he been visiting and his family remained behind or with other family. 

In the 1871 census for Londonderry, NS, Mary is listed as living with Hugh and his family.

James and his wife Mary McLane are buried in the Folly Village/Glenholme Cemetery where his son Hugh and his wife Martha are buried too. They are the only members of James' line to be there. With the exception of descendants of their grandchild, James Robert, who remained in the Truro area, the rest of their family are scattered over Maine, Massachusetts, Illinois and a few parts in between. It appears as if perhaps only one or two grand or great grandchildren actually ever made it to NY to live, their intended destination in 1812. I like to think, with no disrespect to New York, home was better in the gentle hills, green pastures and plentiful forests of Cumberland and Colchester Counties in Nova Scotia. I know, speaking personally, I can't imagine growing up anywhere other then their choice for home!

To my knowledge that is now no land owned by any descendant of James and Mary in NS just these graves where they rest.

A final note of interest about James and Mary's children are that they show up in genealogy records is Tarbat by Fearn, Ross & Cromarty vital statistic records. When this was first discovered researchers years ago thought we had hit a gold mine but it did not take long to realize that something was not right. While now we can prove the children were all born in North America, we can also prove why the show up in these Scottish records.

The minister of the church who baptized the children in Nova Scotia ( I do not recall his name) was from Scotland and when he returned back to Scotland he, or someone after his death, took the records with him and entered them into the books in Tarbat by Fearn in Ross & Cromarty. Now when they show up online it looks like James' family was from there but that is not the case at all.

In fact we still do not know where in Scotland James ancestors are from since records are not available to us.

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Annie Lightbody & Hugh McCulloch

For Annie and Hugh, all but two of the twelve children had families. Many of them married in to families that were well established in the area. Angevine, Mahon, Yuill, Peppard, Crowe, McDormond, and Wilson.

The family lived in Wallace, Cumberland County NS with the rest of the Lightbody siblings and their families for a while. We know that it was not until 1825 that Anne's siblings Hugh, Jane, Elizabeth & William all married.... all in the same year. This means that they may have lived with Anne and Hugh for a time and perhaps with James and Mary Lightbody. Annie & Hugh would finally settle in Debert, NS.

Most of the children and grandchildren remained in the area but the third generation began to travel to places like California, North Dakota, Washington States.

Of an interesting not, Ruth McCulloch married a George William States from Mt. Dension, Hants Co., NS. The reason I point this particular marriage out is that it is an interracial marriage. Nothing to note in our generation but in 1855 when Ruth and George married it sure was. George is listed in the 1871 census for Mt. Denison as being of African origin. There is no telling if he was an interracial child himself as the records either do not exist or are not accessible or online to find right now.

Black history, slave history is not something NS likes to talk about. There is still an element of racism that resides in Nova Scotia, there usually is where ever you go if you look. Lets look at this in terms of 1855 when they were married. Mt. Denison was named after the Denison family who moved from New England. Robert Denison died with an inventory of 5 black slaves in 1765. George's family could be from this line.We know from census records that George was born in Nova Scotia between 1814 & 1817. Logic would have it that he would most likely be related to these slaves on the Denison Estate.

However we also know that a free born African American refugee called States who came from New York to Saint John, NB in 1783 as part of the loyalists leaving after the American Revolution. He then traveled to Parrsboro, NS which, in 1813, is  where James Lightbody bought land.

I can find that a Joab States as a descendant of this free born States and he married a Mary Eliza McCulla   (could be McCulloch). I have not found any connection.

It's a mystery for sure but what isn't a mystery are the descendants for Annie Lightbody and Hugh McCulloch's family.


Generation One

1. Annie1 Lightbody, b. 1788 in Killinchy, County Down, Ireland (daughter of John Lightbody and Ann Hucking), d. 9 May 1867, buried in Debert, NS.  Sailed on the ship Magnet from Belfast to America. In July 1812 just after was declared between the Britain & America the ship was seized and brought to Halifax, NS by HMS Ringdove. From there Annie, her husband, family, and her brother bought land in the Parrsborough area of Kings County (now Cumberland County). Married CIRCA 1805 in Ireland, Hugh McCulloch, b. 1779 in Co. Down Ireland, d. 13 Feb 1861, buried in Debert, NS.  Hugh: Petitioner for Crown Land Grants. Born County Down Ireland
This is an old photocopy of what was the
headstone of Hugh McCulloch and
Annie Lightbody. All that is left is the base
that stands upright at the bottom. 


  2. i. Ann2 McCulloch b. 08 July 1806.

  ii. Mary McCulloch, b. 17 Jan 1808 in Ireland.

  3. iii. James McCulloch b. 9 Mar 1810.

  iv. Charlotte McCulloch, b. 09 Feb 1812 in Killinchy County Down, Ireland, d. Aug 1812 in Nova Scotia.

  4. v. Charlotte McCulloch b. 18 July 1813.

  5. vi. Ruth McCulloch b. 1814.

  6. vii. Martha McCulloch b. 15 Oct 1815.

  7. viii. John McCulloch b. 18 Oct 1817.

  8. ix. Jane McCulloch b. 7 Mar 1820.

  9. x. Robert McCulloch b. 18 Apr 1822.

  10. xi. Eliza McCulloch b. 18 May 1824.

  11. xii. Hugh McCulloch b. 02 June 1826.

Generation Two

2. Ann2 McCulloch (Annie1), b. 08 July 1806 in Ireland.  Married 1828 in NS, William Lawson Angevine, b. 10 Aug 1800 in Wallace, NS (son of Peter Angevine and Mary Margaret Carter).


  i. Peter3 Angevine b. 24 Jan 1829 in Wallace, NS, d. 25 May 1860, buried in Angevine Cemetery, Wallace, NS.

  12. ii. James Angevine b. 27 Nov 1830.

  13. iii. Robert Angevine b. 30 Oct 1832.

  14. iv. Charlotte Angevine b. 4 Aug 1834.

  v. John W. Angevine b. 12 Sept 1836 in Wallace River, NS, d. 20 Nov 1915 in Amherst, NS.  Died of self-inflicted gunshot wound.

  vi. Hugh Angevine b. 09 Jan 1839 in Wallace, NS.

  vii. Caroline S Angevine b. 22 Oct 1840 in Wallace, NS, d. 1925.

  viii. Samuel Angevine b. 02 Sept 1842 in Wallace, NS, d. 1920.  Living in 1900 Poanie Hotchkisstown, Delta, Colorado. He married Melita Laughlin.

  15. ix. Alfred Angevine b. 01 Sept 1844.

  16. x. Eli George Angevine b. 1847.

  17. xi. Charles E Angevine b. 19 June 1848.

  18. xii. Maynard Angevine b. 22 July 1850.

3. James2 McCulloch (Annie1), b. 9 Mar 1810 in County Down Ireland, d. 20 Jan 1892, buried in Debert, NS.  1871 Upper Londonderry, NS. (1) Married 18 Feb 1833, Hannah Graham, b. 5 May 1811, d. 21 Sept 1890 in Debert, NS.  (2) Married 27 Oct 1891 in DeBert River, Nova Scotia, Charlotte A. Cottam, b. 1832 in Debert Station Nova Scotia (daughter of Joseph W Cottam and Margaret Fletcher), d. 1912, buried in Debert Cemetery, Nova Scotia.
James & Hannah in the
Debert Cemetery  in NS

Children by Hannah Graham:

  19. i. William3 McCulloch b. 3 Dec 1834.

  20. ii. Mary Ann McCulloch b. 25 Dec 1836.

  21. iii. Martha Jane McCulloch b. 1 Nov 1838.

  iv. George McCulloch b. 17 Jan 1840, d. Feb 1862, buried in    
                                Debert, NS.

  v. infant child McCulloch.

  22. vi. Adeline McCulloch b. 26 June 1845.

  23. vii. Alonzo McCulloch b. 7 Nov 1847.

  24. viii. Elizabeth McCulloch b. 8 Jan 1850.

  25. ix. James Wilbert McCulloch b. 1 Feb 1853.

  x. Agnes Elora McCulloch b. 9 Nov 1855 in Debert River, NS.  Twin to Suther. Married 19 Dec 1879 in Debert, NS, Alexander W Spencer, b. 1855 in Great Village, NS (son of Thomas Spencer and Mary Jane).

  26. xi. Suther Archibald McCulloch b. 9 Nov 1855.

4. Charlotte2 McCulloch (Annie1), b. 18 July 1813, d. 26 Feb 1862, buried in Onslow, NS.  Married by Rev John Brown. Married 19 Mar 1835 in Londonderry, NS, James Mahon, b. 5 Oct 1805 in Londonderry Township, NS.


  27. i. John3 Mahon b. 1837.

  ii. son Mahon b. 2 Oct 1839, d. 24 Oct 1839, buried in Mahon Cemetery, Great Village, NS.

  iii. Caroline Mahon b. 1845, d. 12 July 1849, buried in Mahon Cemetery, Great Village, NS.

  28. iv. David Mahon b. 1846.

  v. James H Mahon b. 1848, d. 6 Apr 1852, buried in Mahon Cemetery, Great Village, NS.

  vi. Robert A. Mahon b. 1851, d. 20 Mar 1865, buried in Burial Island Marsh, Onslow, NS.

  vii. Margaret Ann Mahon b. 1852, d. 01 Nov 1852 in Mahon Cemetery, Great Village, NS.

  29. viii. Alexander Wylie Mahon b. 1855.

  ix. Eliza A Mahon b. 1856, d. 7 Mar 1890, buried in Burial Island Marsh, Onslow, NS.

  30. x. Joseph C. Mahon.

  xi. Hugh Mahon b. 1861.

5. Ruth2 McCulloch (Annie1), b. 1814 in Nova Scotia, d. 14 Sept 1907.  Married 03 Sept 1855, George William States, b. 1818 in NS, d. 24 Oct 1900 in Mt. Denison, Hants Co. NS.


  i. George W.3 States b. Apr 1856, d. 5 May 1859 in Mt. Denison, NS.

  ii. Martha States b. Aug 1859, d. 8 Oct 1859 in Mt. Denison, NS.

  31. iii. Charles Richard States b. 16 Mar 1859.

  32. iv. Robert Isiah States b. 1861.

6. Martha2 McCulloch (Annie1), b. 15 Oct 1815, d. 15 June 1893.  Married 24 Feb 1836, James Yuill, b. 06 Dec 1806 in Truro, NS, d. 17 Feb 1872 in Debert, NS.
Martha McCulloch and James Yuill
Debert Cemetery, Debert, NS


  33. i. Margaret3 Yuill b. 14 Mar 1837.

  34. ii. John Yuill b. Mar 1840.

  35. iii. Hugh Yuill b. 1842.

  36. iv. Mary Ann Yuill b. 1846.

  37. v. Hannah Yuill b. 21 Dec 1846.

  38. vi. Daniel A. Yuill b. 1850.

  39. vii. Eliza Jane Yuill b. 17 Jan 1852.

  viii. Sarah Yuill b. 1855.

7. John2 McCulloch (Annie1), b. 18 Oct 1817.  Married 29 Feb 1837, Elizabeth Jane Peppard, b. 10 Nov 1818 in Debert, NS (daughter of John Peppard and Jane Moore), d. 25 Sept 1889 in Great Village, NS, buried in Mahon Cemetery, Great Village, NS.
Elizabeth Jane Peppard-McCulloch
Wife of John McCulloch


  40. i. Alfred3 McCulloch b. 19 Jan 1842.

  41. ii. Daniel Fraser McCulloch b. 11 June 1845.

Debert Cemetery
iii. Charles E. McCulloch b. July 1846, d. 18 Feb 1849, buried in Debert, Nova Scotia.  2 years 7 months.

42. iv. Louisa McCulloch b. 19 June 1850.

McCulloch Family section of the Mahon Cemetery in
Great Village, NS. Not may head stone left to tell the facts.

 v. Annie McCulloch b. 1859, d. 15 July 1867, buried in Mahon Cemetery.
Annie, daughter of  John and Jane McCulloch

McCulloch Family Section
Debert Cemetery, same situation as
the Mahon Cemetery

8. Jane2 McCulloch (Annie1), b. 7 Mar 1820 in Wallace, NS d. 15 July 1866 in Upper Londonderry, NS.  She married William Graham, b. 6 Oct 1815 in NS.


  43. i. Elizabeth3 Graham b. 1842.

  44. ii. Robert Graham b. 1844.

  iii. John W. Graham b. 1849.

  iv. Mary A Graham b. 1851.

  v. Charlotte Graham b. 1853.

  45. vi. Herbert Graham b. 1854.

  vii. Clarrisa Graham b. 1858.  She married Charles Carter.

  viii. Martha Graham b. 1861.

9. Robert2 McCulloch (Annie1), b. 18 Apr 1822, d. 20 Oct 1897, buried in Debert, NS.  1871 Upper Londonderry, N S. Married 7 Feb 1850 in Londonderry Township, NS, Elizabeth Ann Crowe, b. 17 Dec 1825 (daughter of Joseph Crowe and Rossann Brown), d. 1906 in NS.
Debert Cemetery


  46. i. Margaret Ann3 McCulloch b. 7 Nov 1850.

  47. ii. Olive McCulloch b. 27 Mar 1852.

  iii. John McCulloch b. 25 May 1855 in Debert Station, NS, d. 19 Mar 1920 in Debert, NS.  He married Elizabeth Ann Reid, b. 28 Oct 1870 in Folly Mountain, NS.

  iv. Alfred McCulloch b. 11 Oct 1859 in Debert River, NS, d. 09 Sept 1936, buried in Debert, NS.  (1) Married 4 Feb 1889 in Debert River, NS, Caroline Graham, b. 26 Nov 1851 in Debert River, NS (daughter of James Graham and Nancy Vance).  (2) Married 05 June 1923 in NS, Martha Margaret O'Brien, b. 1861 in Nixon, NB (daughter of Nicholas O'Brien and Leah).  Martha: Married to an Berry before she married Alfred.

  v. Charlotte McCulloch b. 13 June 1862.  Married 25 May 1889 in Debert, NS, Alexander McLeod, b. 1862 in Earltown, NS (son of John McLeod and Barbara).

10. Eliza2 McCulloch (Annie1), b. 18 May 1824, d. 1912.  Married 9 Feb 1846 in Debert, NS by Rev James Bayne, John McDormond, b. 17 JULY 1821 in Truro, Nova Scotia (son of William McDormond and Mary Deyarmond), d. 1 Mar 1912.


  48. i. William3 McDormond b. 1847.

  ii. James McDormond b. 12 Oct 1850 in Debert, NS, d. 02 Jan 1931 in 121 Young Street, Truro, NS.  Married 11 Dec 1888 in Truro, NS, Rosina May Clarke, b. 1856 in Shediac, NB.

  49. iii. Reuban Johnson McDormond b. 16 Dec 1848.

  iv. George McDormond b. 1853.

  v. Mary A McDormond b. 1855.

  vi. Hannah McDormond b. 1859.  She married Edward Callaghan, b. 1860 in Truro, NS (son of Thomas Callaghan and Mary).

  vii. Minerva McDormond b. 1861.

  viii. Thomas D McDormond b. 1863.  He married Amelia Patriquin, b. 1862 in River John, NS (daughter of David Patriquin and Ellen).

  ix. Hugh McDormond b. 1865.

11. Hugh2 McCulloch (Annie1), b. 02 June 1826 in Wallace, NS, d. 20 Aug 1908, buried in Belmont, NS.  1871 Onslow, NS. (1) Married 29 Nov 1851 in Sackville, Westmorland, NB, Olive Archibald Wilson, b. 13 Mar 1817.  (2) Married 20 Nov 1890 in Truro, NS, Eunice Johnson, b. 19 Feb 1821 in Lower Village, Truro, NS (daughter of James Johnson and Maria).

Children by Olive Archibald Wilson:

  i. Emma Baker3 McCulloch b. 1853, d. 13 June 1860, buried in Belmont, NS.

  50. ii. Alexander Wilson McCulloch b. 29 July 1856.

  iii. Eliza Page McCulloch b. 1858.

  iv. Mary Ann McCulloch b. 1860, d. 13 Feb 1865, buried in Belmont, NS.

  51. v. Emma Jane McCulloch b. 1863.

Generation Three

12. James3 Angevine (Ann2, Annie1), b. 27 Nov 1830 in Wallace River, NS, d. 20 May 1887.  Married 07 Apr 1866 in Wallace, Cumberland Co., NS, Sarah (Sadie) Howard, b. 1929 in Wallace River, NS (daughter of Simon Howard and Janet McCallum), d. 10 Jan 1901.


  52. i. Lethrop4 Angevine b. 1859.

13. Robert3 Angevine (Ann2, Annie1), b. 30 Oct 1832 in Wallace, NS, d. 21 Aug 1901.  Married 08 Sept 1863 in Wallace, NS, Mary Cooke, b. 22 June 1833.


  i. Annie F4 Angevine b. 1866 in Wallace, NS.

  ii. Aaron Angevine b. 06 Sept 1866 in Wallace, NS.

14. Charlotte3 Angevine (Ann2, Annie1), b. 4 Aug 1834 in Wallace River, NS.  Married 15 July 1867 in Wallace River, NS, Malcolm Chisholm, b. 27 June 1825 in Wallace River, NS (son of Daniel Chisholm and Mary Phalen).


  i. Rebecca Ann4 Chisholm b. 4 Jan 1870.

  ii. Caroline Lueretia Chisholm b. 17 Nov 1871.

15. Alfred3 Angevine (Ann2, Annie1), b. 01 Sept 1844 in Wallace, NS, d. 09 Apr 1921 in Parkbeg, Sask, immigrated 1880, buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Marion, Lamoure Co., North Dakota.  Whole family living in Greenland, Barnes, North Dakota 1900 then some living 1910 Sheriden, La Mourne, North Dakota. Married 12 March 1867 in Londonderry, NS, Adeline McCulloch, b. 26 June 1845 in Debert, NS (daughter of James McCulloch and Hannah Graham), immigrated 1883.


  i. Clara4 Angevine b. 1867.

  53. ii. Olive Angevine b. 28 Jan 1869.

  iii. Annie J Angevine b. Nov 1870.

  iv. Ida Angevine b. 1871.  (1) She married Frank Climesmith.  Frank: 1910 living Milles Valley, Yavapai, Arizona. (2) She married William Jones.

  54. v. Alden Adda Angevine b. 07 July 1873.

  vi. Edna Angevine b. Aug 1876, d. 1921, immigrated 1883.

  vii. Frank Angevine b. Feb 1879, immigrated 1883.

16. Eli George3 Angevine (Ann2, Annie1), b. 1847 in NS, d. 1927.  Married 11 May 1871 in Pugwash, NS, Eunice Betts, b. 1854 in Hillsboro, NS (daughter of Abraham Betts and Jane).


  i. Mark R4 Angevine b. Apr 1873 in Middleboro, NS, d. 15 June 1948 in Middleboro, Cumberland Co., NS, immigrated 1893 in Pawtucket, RI.  Never Married.

  ii. James Howard Angevine b. Jan 1875 in Wentworth, NS, immigrated 1893 in Pawtucket, RI.

  iii. Alice Anne Angevine b. 02 June 1876 in Lower Wentworth, NS, d. 1947 in Bayhead, Colchester Co., NS.  Married 24 June 1895 in Wallace, NS, Watson Coulter, b. 02 July 1872 in Wallace Grant, NS (son of James Coulter and Margaret L Logan), d. 1948 in Bayhead, NS.

  iv. Jennie Jane Angevine b. 08 May 1878 in Middleboro, NS.  Married 17 Oct 1900 in NS, Hugh D Stewart, b. Oct 1867 in Landsdown, Pictou Co., NS (son of Alexander Stewart and Harriett).

  v. Charlotte Angevine b. 28 Sept 1880 in Wentworth, NS.  Twin to Elizabeth.

  vi. Elizabeth Angevine b. 28 Sept 1880 in Wentworth, NS.  She married Frank Cole.

  55. vii. George Weldon Angevine b. 24 Jan 1883.

  viii. Carrie Angevine b. 1884.  She married Eban L Woodberry, b. 04 Mar 1882 (son of Isaac Woodberry and Christy O'brien).

  ix. Samuel Angevine b. 20 Aug 1889 in NS, d. Dec 1968 in Springfield, Missouri.

  x. Beatrice Angevine b. 27 May 1892 in Middleboro, NS, d. in Rochester, NY.  Living in Pawtucket, RI in the 1940's. She married John Riley.

  xi. Matilda (Mattie) Angevine b. 27 May 1892 in NS.

  56. xii. Frank Betts Angevine b. 24 July 1894.

17. Charles E3 Angevine (Ann2, Annie1), b. 19 June 1848 in Wallace, NS, d. 22 Feb 1902 in Lower Wentworth, NS, buried in Lower Wentworth Cemetery, NS.  Married 5 Oct 1878 in Tatamagouche, NS, Priscilla Jane Mattatall, b. 18 Oct 1852 in Tatamagouche, NS (daughter of Isaac Mattatal and Mary), d. 29 Feb 1944 in Wallace Bay, NS.


  i. Martha J4 Angevine b. 1883 in NS.  Married 19 Oct 1904, George L Tattrie, b. 1871 in French River, NS (son of Levi Tattrie and Priscilla).

  ii. Elbertha Angevine b. 1889 in Lower Wentworth, NS.  Married 08 May 1907 in Pugwash, NS, Gordon Leslie Foshner, b. 1883 in Wallace Bay, NS.

18. Maynard3 Angevine (Ann2, Annie1), b. 22 July 1850 in Wallace, NS, d. 08 Dec 1928 in Wallace, NS.  Married 24 Mar 1877 in Wallace, NS, Eliza Nairn, b. 08 Nov 1857 (daughter of William Nairn and Elizabeth), d. 02 April 1933 in Wallace, NS.


  57. i. Robert Narin4 Angevine b. 02 Feb 1878.

  58. ii. William Lawson Angevine b. 19 Sept 1879.

  59. iii. Catherine Isabell Angevine b. 1893.

19. William3 McCulloch (James2, Annie1), b. 3 Dec 1834 in Upper Londonderry, NS, d. Feb 1877, buried in Debert, NS.  1871 Upper Londonderry, NS. Married 2 Dec 1858, Eleanor Hill, b. 1840, d. 1902, buried in Debert, NS.
William McCulloch and his wife
Eleanor "Ellen" Hill McCulloch
Debert Cemetery, NS


  i. Hannah Jane4 McCulloch b. 16 Sept 1859 in NS.  Married 25 Aug 1877 in Onslow, NS, George Graham, b. 13 Feb 1855 in Debert River, NS (son of James Graham and Nancy Vance).

  ii. Ann Laura McCulloch b. 1861.

  iii. Agnes E McCulloch b. 1863.

  iv. Georgina McCulloch b. 1865.

  v. Adaline McCulloch b. 1867.

  vi. Howard S McCulloch b. 01 June 1869, d. Before 1871.

  vii. Frederick W McCulloch b. Oct 1870.
Frederick, son of William and Eleanor
McCulloch, same headstone

  viii. James Hill McCulloch b. 1873.

  ix. Clarence P McCulloch b. 1876 in Debert Station, NS.  Married 22 Sept 1897 in Truro, NS, Stella Jane McLaughlin, b. 1876 in Debert Station, NS (daughter of Stephen McLaughlin and Selina McCully), d. 28 June 1928 in Amherst, NS.

20. Mary Ann3 McCulloch (James2, Annie1), b. 25 Dec 1836, d. Dec 1937.  Married 1858, William Chisholm.


  i. James M4 Chisholm b. 19 Oct 1858.

  ii. Agnes Annie Chisholm b. 1874.

21. Martha Jane3 McCulloch (James2, Annie1), b. 1 Nov 1838, d. Dec 1882 in Debert River, NS, buried in Debert, NS.  (1) She married Robert Chisholm, b. 1831.  (2) Married 30 Jan 1872 in Wallace, NS, Joseph M Chisholm.  (3) She married Lewis Baird.

Children by Robert Chisholm:

  i. Alonzo S4 Chisholm.

  ii. James L Chisholm.

  iii. Darius Crosby Chisholm.

  iv. Mary Ella Chisholm.

  v. Clara Maud Chisholm.

Children by Joseph M Chisholm:

  vi. Lizzie R Chisholm b. in Truro, NS.

  vii. Robert Chisholm b. in Truro, NS.

  viii. Delena Chisholm b. in Truro, NS.

Children by Lewis Baird:

  ix. Fred Baird b. in Truro, NS.

22. Adeline3 McCulloch (James2, Annie1) (See marriage to number 15.)

Alonzo McCulloch & his 2nd wife Katherine Hingley
Debert Cemetery, NS

Olive Mattatall, Alonzo McCulloch's first wife.
23. Alonzo3 McCulloch (James2, Annie1), b. 7 Nov 1847, d. 5 Dec 1920, buried in Debert, NS.  (1) Married 02 Nov 1870 in Londonderry, NS, Olive Mattatall, b. 1850 in Tatamagouche, NS (daughter of Alexander Mattatall and Mary), d. 9 July 1878 in Debert, NS.  (2) Married 10 Sept 1884 in Londonderry Station, NS, Katherine E Hingley, b. 10 May 1866 (daughter of William Hingley and Eleanor Uquhart), d. 26 May 1929 in Debert Station, NS.

Children by Olive Mattatall:

  i. George W4 McCulloch b. 2 May 1871.

  ii. Jennie McCulloch b. 1 Apr 1873.

  iii. Bessie McCulloch b. 6 Nov 1875.

Children by Katherine E Hingley:

  iv. Ethel Blanche McCulloch b. 08 Sept 1886 in Londonderry Station, NS.  Married 27 June 1917 in Debert Station, NS, Charles Edward Fulton, b. 1849 in Londonderry, NS (son of Charles Fulton and Margaret).

  v. Angus Hingley McCulloch b. 26 Feb 1888 in Londonderry, NS.

  vi. James Arthur McCulloch b. 9 Mar 1890 in Londonderry, NS. D. 1965, Buried Debert, NS. Married Louise Longley b. 1891 d. 1969

vii. Eleanor May McCulloch b. 29 June 1893 in Debert Station, NS, d. 1964.

viii. Clyde McCulloch b. 1901.

ix. Katherine Elma McCulloch b. 14 May 1905 in Debert Station, NS.

  x. Eva Adele McCulloch b. 24 Aug 1899 in Debert Station, NS.

  xi. Ernest McCulloch.

24. Elizabeth3 McCulloch (James2, Annie1), b. 8 Jan 1850, d. 1924 in Debert, NS.  Married 14 May 1872, Herbert Howe Fulton, b. 1849 in Debert, NS (son of Daniel Fulton and Margaret).


  i. Clarence4 Fulton b. 1872.  possible twin to Emma.

  ii. Emma Fulton b. 7 Oct 1872 in Debert Station NS.  possible twin to Clarence.

  iii. Bertha Fulton b. 22 Jan 1874.

  iv. Eugene Fulton b. 1 Oct 1876.

  v. Mabel Fulton b. 14 Oct 1877.

  vi. Margaret Fulton b. 24 Jan 1880.

  vii. Flora Fulton b. 3 Dec 1881.

  viii. Annie Ethel Fulton b. 06 Sept 1883.

  ix. Ernest Leslie Fulton b. 14 Jul 1885.

  x. Clara Beatrice Fulton b. 01 Jun 1887.

  xi. Lillian Fulton b. 11 Apr 1888.

  xii. Gladys Fulton b. 4 Jan 1893.

25. James Wilbert3 McCulloch (James2, Annie1), b. 1 Feb 1853.  He married Annie.


  i. Stanley W4 McCulloch b. 1879 in Acadia Mines, NS.  He married Eva G McKay, b. in Truro, NS (daughter of Hugh McKay and Elizabeth).

  ii. William McCulloch b. Oct 1880 in Acadian Mines, NS.

  iii. Lilla P McCulloch b. 1885 in Acadian Mines, NS.

  iv. Carrie McCulloch b. 1887 in Acadian Mines, NS.

26. Suther Archibald3 McCulloch (James2, Annie1), b. 9 Nov 1855 in Debert River, NS, d. 1936 in North Vancouver, BC.  twin to Agnes. Married 25 Sept 1884 in Onslow, NS, Sarah A Graham, b. 1862 in Debert River NS (daughter of James Graham and Nancy Vance).


  i. Lewis James4 McCulloch b. 8 Jun 1884, d. 13 Feb 1888 in Debert, NS.
Lewis McCulloch
Debert Cemetery, NS

  ii. Henry Wilber McCulloch b. 11 Dec 1886.

  iii. Charles E McCulloch b. 4 Jul 1888.

  iv. Guy S McCulloch b. 14 Aug 1890.

  v. Grace McCulloch b. 02 June 1892.

  vi. Lena McCulloch b. 1 Feb 1894.

  vii. Sidney McCulloch b. 19 Feb 1896.

  viii. Lizzie McCulloch b. 08 June 1900.

  ix. Glenn F McCulloch.

27. John3 Mahon (Charlotte2, Annie1), b. 1837 in NS, d. 25 July 1885, buried in Burial Island Marsh, Onslow, NS.  Married 21 Mar 1861 in Onslow, NS, Amelia Crowe, b. 1840 in Belmont, NS.


  i. Charlotte4 Mahon b. 1862.

  ii. James Arthur Mahon b. 1864.

  iii. Maggie B Mahon b. 19 Sept 1866.

  iv. Joseph Allen c Mahon b. 20 Aug 1867.

  v. Bessie May Mahon b. 4 May 1869.

  vi. Eliza K Mahon b. Dec 1874.

28. David3 Mahon (Charlotte2, Annie1), b. 1846 in NS.  Married 10 Jan 1862 in Onslow NS, Margaret Green, b. 1842 (daughter of Matthew Green and Agnes Hughes).


  i. Anna L4 Mahon b. 1863.

  ii. Hugh Mahon b. 1865.

  iii. Charlotte Agnes Mahon b. 1869.

  iv. Alexander Chase Mahon b. 1872.

  v. Eliza Maud Mahon b. 1884.

29. Alexander Wylie3 Mahon (Charlotte2, Annie1), b. 1855, d. 1930.  He married Flora McLeod.


  i. Henry4 Mahon b. 1897.

  ii. Margaret Mahon b. 1900 in St. Andrews, NB.

  iii. Linda Mahon.

30. Joseph C.3 Mahon (Charlotte2, Annie1), d. 1916.  (1) He married Catherine Irvine, b. 1843.  (2) He married Emma Somer.

Children by Catherine Irvine:

  i. Irvine4 Mahon.

31. Charles Richard3 States (Ruth2, Annie1), b. 16 Mar 1859, d. 6 Mar 1942.  Married 7 Dec 1889 in Hantsport, NS, Alfretta States, b. 18 May 1868 (daughter of John States and Sarah Jane Kettall).


  i. George Edward4 States b. 25 July 1890, d. 13 July 1913.  Drowned.

  60. ii. William Randolf States b. 11 Dec 1892.

  iii. Henry Wellington States b. 29 Dec 1894, d. 1927.

  61. iv. Charles Russell States b. 25 Mar 1897.

  v. Andrew Gordon States b. 14 Dec 1899, d. 03 Sept 1966 in Nanton, Alberta Canada.

  vi. Edith Gordon States b. 22 Sept 1902, d. 27 Nov 1959.

  vii. Jennie Marie States b. 04 June 1905, d. 18 Oct 1921.

  viii. John Francis States.

  ix. Ruth Alfretta States b. 29 Sept 1913, d. 25 Apr 1914.

32. Robert Isiah3 States (Ruth2, Annie1), b. 1861 in NS.  Ship Carpenter. Married 01 Dec 1887, Minnie Dickson, b. 1870 in Kentville, NS (daughter of William Dickson and Mercy).


  i. Frederick Ratchford4 States b. 06 June 1889 in Mt. Denson, NS.

  ii. Bessie States b. 1890 in Mt. Denson, NS.

  iii. Mary States b. 1892 in Mt. Denson, NS.

  iv. Bertha May States b. 24 Mar 1895 in Mt. Denson, NS.

  v. Roy States b. 1896 in Mt. Denson, NS.

  vi. Percy States b. 12 Mar 1900 in Mt. Denson, NS, d. 28 July 1958 in Truro, N S.  Lived Young Street South end Truro NS. Never married.

  vii. Earl Basil States b. 10 July 1901 in Mt. Denson, NS.

  viii. Robert Isaiah States b. 05 Apr 1903 in Mt. Denson, NS.

33. Margaret3 Yuill (Martha2, Annie1), b. 14 Mar 1837 in Stewiacke, NS, d. 12 JUNE 1922 in Onslow, NS.  Married 20 Dec 1856, Robert A. Marshall, b. 16 Oct 1828 in Beaver Brook, NS.


  i. Susan4 Marshall b. 14 Mar 1858 in Beaver Brook , NS.

  ii. Anthony J Marshall b. 1860.

  iii. Martha Marshall b. 1862.

  iv. George C. Marshall b. 1863.

  v. Loaring Marshall b. 1866.

  vi. James T Marshall b. 1868.

  vii. Elenora Marshall b. 1870.

  viii. William Marshall b. 20 SEPT 1871 in Old Barns, NS.

  ix. Charles S Marshall b. 5 May 1876 in Clifton, NS.  twin to Hugh.

  x. Hugh Frederick Marshall b. 5 May 1876 in Clifton, NS.  twin to Charles.

34. John3 Yuill (Martha2, Annie1), b. Mar 1840, d. 1904 in Debert, NS.  Married 27 Mar 1866, Elizabeth Green (daughter of Matthew Green and Agnes Hughes).


  i. Evan4 Yuill b. 1868 in Lower Londonderry, NS.

  ii. Anne Yuill b. 1870 in Lower Londonderry, NS.

  iii. William Yuill b. 1873 in Lower Londonderry, NS.

  iv. Mabel Yuill b. 1879 in NS.

  v. Fred B Yuill b. 04 Oct 1881 in NS.

35. Hugh3 Yuill (Martha2, Annie1), b. 1842 in Debert River, NS, d. 1896.  Married 27 JUNE 1865 in Truro, NS, Cordelia Higgins, b. 1847 in Onslow, NS.


  i. John Franklin4 Yuill b. 17 Apr 1866.

  ii. Elizabeth A Yuill b. 1868.

  iii. Martha Yuill b. 1871.

  iv. Hugh S Yuill b. 1874.

  v. Cordelia Roberta Yuill b. 1877.

  vi. Fanny Yuill b. 1879.

36. Mary Ann3 Yuill (Martha2, Annie1), b. 1846, d. 28 Apr 1900 in Brookfield, NS.  Married 16 SEPT 1874 in Truro, NS, William Augustus Hamilton, b. 01 July 1849 in Brookfield, NS.


  i. Theresa M4 Hamilton b. 22 Oct 1875 in Brookfield, NS.

  ii. Archibald Yuill Hamilton b. 27 Apr 1877.

  iii. James E Hamilton b. 23 Oct 1879.

  iv. Roy Hamilton b. 30 Dec 1880.

  v. Carrie B Hamilton b. 20 Aug 1882 in Brookfield, NS.

  vi. Martha Hamilton b. 5 Dec 1883.

  vii. Sadie Logan b. 7 Feb 1891.

37. Hannah3 Yuill (Martha2, Annie1), b. 21 Dec 1846 in Clifton, NS, d. 1911, buried in Belmont NS.  (1) Married 28 Mar 1872 in Providence Rhode Island USA, Charles C Stevens.  (2) Married 12 Apr 1877 in Truro, NS, Samuel A Staples, b. 17 Dec 1832 in Onslow. NS.

Children by Charles C Stevens:

  i. Charles A4 Stevens b. 2 Apr 1873 in Londonderry, NS.

Children by Samuel A Staples:

  ii. Burpee Staples b. 27 Aug 1877.

  iii. Joseph A Staples b. 27 Oct 1878.

  iv. Elizabeth Maud Staples b. 9 Feb 1880.

  v. Annie Blanche Staples b. 22 Feb 1882.

  vi. Martha Jane Staples b. 9 Nov 1884.

  vii. Martin Lee Staples b. 5 Oct 1886 in Belmont, NS.

  viii. George Vetes Staples b. 13 July 1888.

  ix. Frederick R Staples b. 28 Apr 1893.

  x. violet Irene Staples b. 1901.

38. Daniel A.3 Yuill (Martha2, Annie1), b. 1849, d. 13 May 1925 in Debert, NS, buried in Debert, NS.  (1) Married 28 Nov 1882, Jane Jennifer Rath, d. 20 Dec 1910 in NS.  (2) Married 24 Mar 1914, Elizabeth Jane Lynds, b. 15 JULY 1874 in North River, NS.
Jane Jennifer Rath McCulloch
Debert Cemetery 

Debert Cemetery, Debert, NS
Children by Jane Jennifer Rath:

i. Charles4 Yuill.

39. Eliza Jane3 Yuill (Martha2, Annie1), b. 17 Jan 1852 in Londonderry, NS, d. DEC 1924, buried in Folly Village Cemetery, NS.  Married 7 Dec 1871 in Londonderry, NS, John Brown Flemming, b. 01 Sept 1839 in Londonderry, NS.


  i. Alice Lauretta4 Flemming b. 29 Aug 1874 in Londonderry, NS.

  ii. Jane Martha Flemming b. 26 Aug 1876 in Londonderry, NS.

  iii. Emma Eliza Flemming b. 1878 in Debert Station, NS.

  iv. Isaac Flemming b. 26 Dec 1880.  twin to James.

  v. James Sinclair Flemming b. 26 Dec 1880.  twin to Isaac.

  vi. George S Flemming b. 18 June 1885.

  vii. Ethel M Flemming b. 11 July 1888.

  viii. Lorne Flemming.

  ix. Samantha Flemming.

40. Alfred3 McCulloch (John2, Annie1), b. 19 Jan 1842 in Upper Londonderry, Nova Scotia, d. 30 Aug 1884 in Great Village, Nova Scotia, buried in Mahon Cemetery, Great Village, NS.  Married 1 May 1866 in Bass River, NS, Sarah Agnes Davidson, b. 31 Aug 1884 in Tatamagouche, NS (daughter of Samuel Davidson and Margaret).


  i. Anna Ida4 McCulloch b. 26 June 1868 in Portaupique, NS, d. 14 July 1848 in Quincy, Norfolk, MA USA.  She married Fred Pushee.

  62. ii. Laura Jane McCulloch b. 31 Aug 1870.

  63. iii. Margaret Alice McCulloch b. 1 Jan 1872.

  64. iv. Mary Esther McCulloch b. 28 Dec 1873.

  v. George Edmund McCulloch b. 1876, d. 1897, buried in Mahon Cemetery, Great Village, NS.

  vi. John James McCulloch b. 1877, d. 11 Oct 1893, buried in Mahon Cemetery, Great Village, NS.

41. Daniel Fraser3 McCulloch (John2, Annie1), b. 11 June 1845, d. 1920, buried in Glenholme, Nova Scotia.  Married 21 Nov 1870 in East Village, NS, Elizabeth Virtue Spencer, b. 31 Mar 1853.


  i. Glenda E4 McCulloch.

  ii. Annie McCulloch b. 1872.

  iii. Sephton McCulloch b. 02 Mar 1873.

  iv. Willetta Blanche McCulloch b. 06 March 1875 in Acadia Mines, NS.  Living in Newton MA in 1942. She married Mr. Kimball, b. 1878 in Charlottetown, PEI (son of Robert Kimball and Jessie).

  v. Alberta McCulloch b. 1878.  Married 23 Sept 1903 in East Mines, NS, Robert MacPherson.

  vi. Edward Thornton McCulloch b. 12 April 1882 in Londonderry, NS.

  vii. Harold McCulloch b. 20 Apr 1883.

  viii. Laurie Kennison McCulloch b. 03 July 1887.

  ix. Yendal McCulloch b. 17 Nov 1896.

42. Louisa3 McCulloch (John2, Annie1), b. 19 June 1850, d. 1919, buried in Folly Village, Glenholme, NS.  Married 17 June 1871 in Great Village, NS, David Vance Spencer, b. 30 Dec 1833 in Great Village, NS (son of James M. Spencer and Isabella).


  i. Rosella4 Spencer b. 1 Aug 1873 in Great Village, NS.

  ii. Frank R Spencer b. 20 July 1876 in Acadia Mines, NS.

  iii. Annie Spencer b. 26 Oct 1879.

  iv. Bella Jane Spencer b. 1882 in Great Village, NS.

  v. Alfred Spencer b. 1855.

  vi. David Ross Spencer b. 28 Jun 1886.

  vii. Stewart Spencer b. 1 Jan 1889.

  viii. Aubrey Spencer b. 15 July 1890.

43. Elizabeth3 Graham (Jane2, Annie1), b. 1842 in Londonderry, NS, d. 1894, buried in Folly Cemetery, Glenholme, NS.  Married 30 Dec 1867 in Londonderry, NS, Thomas Morrison, b. 1840 in Londonderry, NS.


  i. Allen4 Morrison b. 2 Apr 1868 in Londonderry, NS.

  ii. Evelyn Morrison b. 17 Feb 1870 in East Mines Station, NS.

  iii. Charlotte Abigail Morrison b. 16 Jan 1874 in East Mines Station, NS.

  iv. Mary Bertha Morrison b. 21 Jan 1874 in Londonderry, NS.

  v. Frederick James Morrison b. 2 Jan 1876 in Londonderry, NS.

  vi. Elizabeth Jane Morrison b. 19 June 1885 in East Mines Station, NS.

44. Robert3 Graham (Jane2, Annie1), b. 1844 in Debert River, NS.  Married 15 July 1868 in Debert River, NS, Elenora McCully, b. 1848.


  i. Edson4 Graham b. 14 JUNE 1869 in Debert, NS.

  ii. Burton Graham b. DEC 1870.

  iii. Minetta B Graham b. 30 Nov 1876 in Debert, NS.

  iv. Ella May Graham b. 1884 in Truro, NS.

45. Herbert3 Graham (Jane2, Annie1), b. 1854 in Debert River, NS, d. 14 JULY 1943 in New London, New Hampshire, USA.  Married 30 May 1890 in Folly Village, NS, Margaret E. Cooke, b. 19 Jan 1854 in Portaupique, NS.


  i. Percy4 Graham b. 11 Apr 1892 in California, USA.

  ii. Edith P. Graham b. 16 Oct 1897 in California, USA.

46. Margaret Ann3 McCulloch (Robert2, Annie1), b. 7 Nov 1850 in DeBert  Nova Scotia, d. 3 Dec 1940 in DeBert  Nova Scotia.  Married 26 Oct 1869 in Debert,  Nova Scotia, Joseph Burpee Stevens, b. 15 Feb 1846 in DeBert   Nova Scotia (son of Elisha Stevens and Abigail Hall), d. 4 Dec 1923 in DeBert  Nova Scotia.


  i. Perley E.4 Stevens b. 23 Aug 1870, d. 29 JULY 1957.  Married 17 Jan 1897, Nellie Dooly.

  ii. Anny Mood Stevens b. 25 Oct 1872, d. 1 Feb 1873.

  iii. Anny Jane Stevens b. 17 Jan 1874, d. 22 JULY 1878.

  iv. Alfred Stevens b. 29 Apr 1876, d. 16 JULY 1878.

  v. Howard Stevens b. 03 SEPT 1878 in Debert, NS, d. 6 Nov 1952 in Debert, NS.

  vi. Clarence Stevens b. 5 Oct 1880 in Debert, NS, d. 24 Feb 1968 in Debert, NS.

  vii. Freddy Stevens b. 19 Feb 1883, d. 3 Oct 1886.

  65. viii. Lottie Stevens b. 06 July 1885.

  ix. Laura Stevens b. 30 Dec 1888 in Debert River, NS, d. 12 Aug 1981 in Alberta, Canada.

  x. Maggie Blanche Stevens b. 6 Feb 1892, d. 23 JULY 1962.

47. Olive3 McCulloch (Robert2, Annie1), b. 27 Mar 1852, d. 26 Mar 1931, buried in Debert, NS.  Married 21 Oct 1873 in Folly Village, NS, Elbridge Crowe, b. 1849 in Debert River, NS (son of Joseph Cyrus Crowe and Lucy Jane Spencer).


  i. Violla4 Crowe b. 25 Aug 1875 in Debert NS.

  ii. Harry Walker Crowe b. 06 June 1876 in Debert, NS.

  iii. Herman Crowe b. 14 Apr 1878 in Debert, NS.

  iv. Elizabeth A. Crowe b. Oct 1880 in Debert, NS.

  v. Maisie Crowe b. 1885 in Debert, NS.

  vi. Frank Edson Crowe b. 1889 in Debert, NS.

  vii. Marie Crowe b. 03 Apr 1891 in NS.

48. William3 McDormond (Eliza2, Annie1), b. 1847.


  i. John William4 McDormond.

49. Reuban Johnson3 McDormond (Eliza2, Annie1), b. 16 Dec 1848, d. 30 May 1926 in Debert Station, NS.  He married Mary Louise Skinner, b. 3 Oct 1854 (daughter of Charles Skinner and Susan Moore), d. 30 Mar 1938.


  i. Lewis4 McDormond.

50. Alexander Wilson3 McCulloch (Hugh2, Annie1), b. 29 July 1856, d. 1949, buried in Belmont, NS.  Married 1880, Margaret McKinley, b. 22 May 1859.


  i. Gertrude Olivia4 McCulloch b. July 1880.

  ii. Roy Seymore McCulloch b. 1882.

  iii. Hugh La Mert McCulloch b. 21 Dec 1886.

  iv. Charles Carl McCulloch b. 18 Nov 1888.

  v. Frank Tower McCulloch b. 12 Oct 1891.

  vi. Eleanor Fletcher McCulloch b. 17 Jan 1894 in Lower Onslow, NS.

  vii. Jean Laura McCulloch b. 17 July 1896.

  viii. Dexter Blaikie McCulloch b. 1902.

51. Emma Jane3 McCulloch (Hugh2, Annie1), b. 1863, d. 1905.  Married 1881, Dexter Blaikie (son of John Blaikie and Sarah).


  i. Frank Chester4 Blaikie b. 1882.

  ii. Gladys Amy Blaikie b. 1888.

Generation Four

52. Lethrop4 Angevine (James3, Ann2, Annie1), b. 1859.  Married 20 June 1888 in Pugwash, NS, Millicent MacLeod, b. 1862 in Doherty Creek, NS (daughter of Stewart MacLeod and Margaret).


  66. i. George5 Angevine b. 1889.

  ii. Ada Evelyn Angevine b. 30 May 1893 in Middleboro, NS.  Living in Humbolt, Sask 1960. Married 25 Feb 1914 in Amherst, NS, John B Kennedy, b. 1891 in Port Phillip, NS (son of Levi Kennedy and Maude).

53. Olive4 Angevine (Alfred3, Ann2, Annie1), b. 28 Jan 1869, d. 06 Sept 1946 in Jamestown, Stutsman Co., North Dakota.  Married 12 Sept 1886 in Jamestown, ND, Charles S McCully.


  i. Edna Georgina5 McCully b. 09 Mar 1889 in Jamestown, ND.

  ii. Alfred McCully b. 31 Aug 1891 in Jamestown, ND.

  67. iii. Ruth McCully b. 07 Jul 1896.

  iv. Adeline McCully b. 11 Jul 1902 in Jamestown, ND.

54. Alden Adda4 Angevine (Alfred3, Ann2, Annie1), b. 07 July 1873 in Londonderry, NS, d. 07 Feb 1932 in Vashon Island, King Co., Washington, immigrated 1883.  Married 15 Jan 1904 in Marion, ND, Estelle Baertsch, b. 15 Nov 1881 in Fountain City, Buffalo Co., Wisconsin (daughter of Christian Baertsch and Eliza Dell).


  68. i. Charlotte Lavern5 Angevine b. 21 Nov 1904.

  69. ii. James Christian Angevine b. 24 Feb 1906.

  70. iii. Mildred Eliza Angevine b. 09 June 1908.

  iv. Alden W Angevine b. 1910 in Marion, North Dakota.

  71. v. Alfred Baertsch Angevine b. 01 Sept 1913.

  72. vi. Marjorie Ione Angevine b. 23 June 1920.

55. George Weldon4 Angevine (Eli3, Ann2, Annie1), b. 24 Jan 1883 in Middleboro, NS, d. 1947 in Pawtucket, RI, buried in Walnut Grove, Pawtucket, RI, immigrated 1893 in Pawtucket, RI.  Married in South Attleboro, MA, Eva Marie Boulais.


  73. i. George Wallace5 Angevine b. 1905.

  74. ii. Howard Lester Angevine b. 28 June 1912.

  75. iii. Earl Wallace Angevine b. 25 Feb 1918.

56. Frank Betts4 Angevine (Eli3, Ann2, Annie1), b. 24 July 1894 in Middleboro, NS, d. in NS.  He married Catherine Johnson Peers, b. 21 April 1867 (daughter of William Peers and Catherine Johnson), d. 19 Dec 1940 in Middleboro, NS.


  i. Myrtle May5 Angevine b. 01 Nov 1895 in NS.  She married Edward C Brown.

  76. ii. Mary Nettle Angevine b. 1888.

  iii. Arthur Melbourne Angevine b. 1892, d. 1917.

  iv. Horace Theodore Angevine b. 1907.

57. Robert Narin4 Angevine (Maynard3, Ann2, Annie1), b. 02 Feb 1878 in Wentworth, NS, immigrated 1907 in MA.  Living in Lowell, MA 1910. He married Sabrina Teed, b. 1869.


  i. Evelyn5 Angevine.

  ii. Francis Angevine.

58. William Lawson4 Angevine (Maynard3, Ann2, Annie1), b. 19 Sept 1879 in NS, d. 18 Nov 1960 in NS.  (1) Married 31 Oct 1917 in Wallace, NS, Margaret McIntosh, b. 1890 in Wallace Grant, NS (daughter of Alexander McIntosh and Elizabeth), d. 1919 in NS.  (2) Married 08 Jan 1923 in Amherst, NS, Ida May Canfield, b. 1892 in Wallace, NS, d. 1974.

Children by Ida May Canfield:

  i. Doris Marion5 Angevine b. 1924.

  ii. Wilma Mabel Angevine b. 1932.

59. Catherine Isabell4 Angevine (Maynard3, Ann2, Annie1), b. 1893 in Wallace Station, NS.  Married 24 Sept 1917 in Oxford, NS, Bligh Milton Smith, b. 1891 in Oxford, NS (son of Reid Smith).


  i. Howard5 Smith.

  ii. Hazel Smith.

  iii. Harold Smith.

  iv. Nita Smith.

  v. Jerrold Smith.

60. William Randolf4 States (Charles3, Ruth2, Annie1), b. 11 Dec 1892, d. 31 May 1964 in Mt. Denson, NS.  Married 1922 in Hants County, NS, Sarah J States.


  i. Charles Gordon5 States b. 01May 1931 in Mt. Denson, Hants County, NS, d. 05 Aug 1940 in Mt. Denson, Hants County, NS.  Killed by a automobile.

  ii. Roy States b. 21 May 1944 in Windsor, NS, d. 21 May 1944 in Windsor, NS.

61. Charles Russell4 States (Charles3, Ruth2, Annie1), b. 25 Mar 1897, d. 8 Oct 1972 in Mt. Denson, NS.  Married 1924 in Hants County, NS, Alta May States.


  i. George Victor5 States b. 12 Oct 1930, d. 22 Apr 1931.

  ii. Aubrey Harry States b. 28 Aug 1950, d. 12 Dec 1961 in Mt. Denson, NS.  Died in a house fire.

62. Laura Jane4 McCulloch (Alfred3, John2, Annie1), b. 31 Aug 1870 in Great Village, NS, d. 14 Oct 1945 in Brooks, Alberta.  Married 25 Aug 1887 in Amherst, NS, John David Patriquin (son of Alexander Patriquin and Mary).  John: Living in Middle Londonderry in 1901.


  i. Bertha May5 Patriquin b. 06 June 1888 in Great Village, NS.

  ii. Roy McKenzie Patriquin b. 03 July 1890 in NS.

  iii. Alfred McCulloch Patriquin b. 05 July 1892 in NS.

  iv. Clyde Aubrey Patriquin b. 23 Aug 1894 in NS.

  v. George Arthur Patriquin b. 01 June 1896 in NS.

  vi. Cyrus Vernon Patriquin b. 05 July 1899 in NS.

  vii. Harry Earl Patriquin b. 15 Sept 1900 in NS.

  viii. Donald Patriquin b. 1908 in NS.

  ix. Gwendoyln Laura Patriquin.

63. Margaret Alice4 McCulloch (Alfred3, John2, Annie1), b. 1 Jan 1872.  She married Bernie Read.


  i. Frank5 Read b. in NS.

  ii. Robert Lawrence Read b. in NS.

  iii. Gordon Read.

  iv. Bernard Read.

  v. Ethel Read.

  vi. Bill Read.

64. Mary Esther4 McCulloch (Alfred3, John2, Annie1), b. 28 Dec 1873 in Great Village, NS, d. 28 July 1948 in Vancouver, BC.  Married 30 July 1900 in Great Village, NS, Morley Thornton Boss, b. 26 Aug 1878 in Athol, Cumberland Co., NS.


  i. Arthur Evan5 Boss b. 4 Nov 1901 in Great Village, NS.

  ii. Lloyd McCulloch Boss b. 27 Aug 1905 in Marysville, NB.

  iii. Joseph Glen Boss b. 22 Oct 1911 in Cranbrook, BC.

  iv. Eva Mary Boss.

65. Lottie4 Stevens (Margaret3, Robert2, Annie1), b. 06 July 1885, d. 14 Sept 1947.  Has a niece Bertha Stevens born 1907 immigrated to US in 1927. Married 2 May 1910 in DeBert River, Nova Scotia, Lorne Bismark Lightbody (son of John Jr. Lightbody and Susan Ada McCully), b. 23 June 1883 in Belmont, Nova Scotia, d. Nov 1986 in Massachusetts.  Lorne: Immigrated to US 1907 with Lottie & son Russell

Living in Framingham, Middlesex, Mas 1930
1940 Living on Pratt Street, Framingham Mass with granddaughter Florence Lightbody and his widowed son Everett and daughter charlotte and son  1940 Lorne was a chauffer.


  77. i. Everett Burpee5 Lightbody b. 17 Mar 1912.

  ii. Russell Lee Lightbody b. 02 Jan 1907, d. Jun 1981 in Framingham, Middlesex, MA.

  78. iii. Charlotte Susan Lightbody b. 1920.

Generation Five

66. George5 Angevine (Lethrop4, James3, Ann2, Annie1), b. 1889, d. 10 May 1955.  He married Nellie, b. 1880.


  i. Alvin6 Angevine.

67. Ruth5 McCully (Olive4, Alfred3, Ann2, Annie1), b. 07 Jul 1896 in Jamestown, ND.  Married 11 Sep 1920 in Jamestown, ND, Donald F Wanner, b. 07 Jun 1897 in Jamestown, ND (son of Frederick Wanner and Lydia Scott).


  i. Margaret Ruth6 Wanner b. 22 Feb 1921 in Jamestown, ND.

  ii. Donald Frederick Wanner b. 08 Aug 1923 in Jamestown, ND.

  iii. Olive Ann Wanner b. 09Feb 1927 in Jamestown, ND.

  iv. Kennedy Alfred Wanner b. 10 Aug 1929 in Jamestown, ND.

68. Charlotte Lavern5 Angevine (Alden4, Alfred3, Ann2, Annie1), b. 21 Nov 1904 in Marion, North Dakota.  Married 17 June 1925 in Marion, ND, Lloyd John McKay, b. 11 Nov 1903 in Lisbon, ND, d. 13 may 1945 in Bremerton, Kitsap Co., Washington.


  i. Beth6 McKay b. 24 Oct 1926 in Marion, ND.

  ii. John McKay b. 14 Feb 1928 in Marion, ND.

  iii. Marilyn McKay b. 11 Aug 1930 in Marion, ND.

  iv. Beverly McKay b. 11Apr 1932 in Marion, ND.

  v. Roger McKay b. 19 Nov 1934 in Marion, ND.

69. James Christian5 Angevine (Alden4, Alfred3, Ann2, Annie1), b. 24 Feb 1906 in Marion, North Dakota, d. 06 Mar 1966 in Hillboro, Washington Co., Oregon.  Married 12 June 1936 in North Dakota, Genevieve Adaline McKinnon, b. 03 May 1907 in Sawyer, ND (daughter of John McKinnon and Blanche Jones).


  79. i. James Alden6 Angevine b. 07 Oct 1937.

  80. ii. Dorothy Estelle Angevine b. 06 Sept 1938.

  81. iii. Robert Lee Angevine b. 241 Oct 1940.

  82. iv. Don Lamont Angevine b. 15 Oct 1943.

70. Mildred Eliza5 Angevine (Alden4, Alfred3, Ann2, Annie1), b. 09 June 1908 in Marion, North Dakota.  Married 13 Sept 1930 in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, Wendelin Paul Bertsch (son of Michael Bertsch and Barbara Bailey).


  i. Richard6 Bertsch b. 24 Jul 1931 in Fargo, Cass Co., ND.

  ii. James Wendelin Bertsch b. 20 Jan 1933 in Fargo, ND.

  iii. Barbara Renee Bertsch b. 21 Jul 1939 in Fargo, ND.

  iv. George Alfred Bertsch b. 01 Sept 1943 in Bremerton, Kitsap Co., Washington.

71. Alfred Baertsch5 Angevine (Alden4, Alfred3, Ann2, Annie1), b. 01 Sept 1913 in Marion LeMorne Co., ND.  Married 25 Apr 1943 in Vallejo, California, Anna Augusta Newman, b. 25 Jun 1914 in Haquiam, Washington (daughter of Nels Newman and Agusta Gunnerson).


  i. Maridee Ann6 Angevine b. 09 Jul 1944 in Vallejo, California.  2 daughters & one son. She married James Piercy.

  ii. Karen Estell Angevine b. 14 May 1946 in Vallejo, California.  2 daughters. She married Jack Frank.

72. Marjorie Ione5 Angevine (Alden4, Alfred3, Ann2, Annie1), b. 23 June 1920 in Marion, ND.  Married 14 Jan 1944 in Ft. Lewis, Washington, Anthony Salatti, b. 05 Feb 1915 in Ferrandina, Italy (son of Nicola Salatti and Maria Lisanti).


  i. Nicholas Alden6 Salatti b. 18 Feb 1945 in New York City, New York, New York.

  ii. Maria Janine Salatti b. 24 Aug 1950 in Fort Meade, Maryland.

  iii. Tina Stella Salatti b. 01 Sept 1953 in Fort Meade, Maryland.

73. George Wallace5 Angevine (George4, Eli3, Ann2, Annie1), b. 1905 in South Attleboro, MA, d. Aug 1930 in Pawtucket, RI.  Living with grandparents from 1935 onward.


  i. George Jr.6 Angevine b. 28 June 1928 in South Attleboro, MS, d. 07 Oct 1995 in Los Angeles, CA.

74. Howard Lester5 Angevine (George4, Eli3, Ann2, Annie1), b. 28 June 1912 in South Attleboro, MA, d. Aug 1979 in South Attleboro, MA.  He married Dorothy E Scheron, b. 1914 in MASS.


  83. i. David E6 Angevine b. 1938.

  ii. Eileen D Angevine b. 1935 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

  iii. Howard C Angevine b. 1936 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

  iv. Ronald W Angevine b. 08 Feb 1940 in Pawtucket, RI, d. 18 May 2013 in Attleboro, MA.

75. Earl Wallace5 Angevine (George4, Eli3, Ann2, Annie1), b. 25 Feb 1918 in South Attleboro, MA, d. 08 Mar 2001 in Whittier, CA.  He married Mary Frances Carr (daughter of John Carr and Ann).


  i. Avril Frances6 Angevine b. 15 May 1952 in Southington, CT.

  ii. Mark Weldon Angevine b. 15 Aug 1953 in Southington, CT.

  iii. Earl Wallace Angevine b. 28 Feb 1957 in Southington, CT.

76. Mary Nettle5 Angevine (Frank4, Eli3, Ann2, Annie1), b. 1888.  She married Alexander MacFarlane, b. 1878, d. 1944.


  i. Melbourne6 MacFarlane. Six children. He married Eva Henry.

  ii. Norma MacFarlane. She married Douglas Pooley.

  iii. John MacFarlane b. 1924, d. 1945.

77. Everett Burpee5 Lightbody (Lottie4, Margaret3, Robert2, Annie1), b. 17 Mar 1912 in MA, USA, d. 20 Feb 1982 in Framingham MA USA.  Shoe Maker. (1) He married Lillian Lincoln.  (2) Married 7 Feb 1943 in Milford, MA USA, Doris Louise Moore, b. 12 Jan 1909, d. Aug 1980 in Framingham, Middlesex, MA.

Children by Lillian Lincoln:

  i. Florence Marietta6 Lightbody b. 1937 in MASS.  She married Theodore white.

Children by Doris Louise Moore:

  84. ii. William Lorne Lightbody.

78. Charlotte Susan5 Lightbody (Lottie4, Margaret3, Robert2, Annie1), b. 1920 in MA.  She married Raymond Steele.


  i. Kevin6 Steele.

Generation Six

79. James Alden6 Angevine (James5, Alden4, Alfred3, Ann2, Annie1), b. 07 Oct 1937 in Everett, Snohomish Co., Washington.  Married 26 Dec 1958 in San Gabriel, California, Judith A Wellner, b. 29 Apr 1940 in New Richland, Minnisota.


  i. Cheryl Renee7 Angevine b. 15 Nov 1962 in Portland, Oregon.

  ii. Kristie Lynn Angevine b. 21 Jul 1965 in Hillsboro, Washington Co., Oregon.

  iii. Heidi Joelle Angevine b. 18 Oct 1966 in Hillsboro, Oregon.

  iv. Stephanie Michelle Angevine b. 15 Jul 1968 in Hillsboro, Oregon.

80. Dorothy Estelle6 Angevine (James5, Alden4, Alfred3, Ann2, Annie1), b. 06 Sept 1938 in Everett, Washington.  (1) Married 04 June 1962, Ronald Floerke, d. Sept 1967.  (2) Married 11 Oct 1973, Norman Hubert.

Children by Ronald Floerke:

  i. Jodi Sue7 Floerke b. 02 Apr 1965.

  ii. Mark Partick Floerke b. 27 Nov 1966.

81. Robert Lee6 Angevine (James5, Alden4, Alfred3, Ann2, Annie1), b. 241 Oct 1940 in Eugene, Willamette Co., Oregon.  Married 27 Aug 1962, Marilyn Reed.


  i. Annette Suzanne7 Angevine b. 23 Feb 1966.

  ii. Natalie Jo Angevine b. 11 Aug 1967.

82. Don Lamont6 Angevine (James5, Alden4, Alfred3, Ann2, Annie1), b. 15 Oct 1943 in Bremerton, Kitsap Co., Washington.  Married 08 Jun 1967, Donna Peterson.


  i. Kimberly Dawn7 Angevine b. 28 Dec 1968.

  ii. Ty Lamont Angevine b. 03 May 1971.

83. David E6 Angevine (Howard5, George4, Eli3, Ann2, Annie1), b. 1938 in South Attleboro, MA.


  i. Bruce Ward7 Angevine b. 05 July 1965 in Richland, Washington.

  ii. Debra Lynn Angevine b. 31 July 1967 in Seattle, Washington.

  iii. Donna Lee Angevine b. 23 Dec 1969 in Edmonds, Washington.

84. William Lorne6 Lightbody (Everett5, Lottie4, Margaret3, Robert2, Annie1).  He married Theresa Funigiella.


  i. Lisa7 Lightbody. She married Keith Goldhamer.

  ii. Billy Lightbody.

  iii. David Lightbody.